California Proposition 39

Bright Footprint is a turnkey specialist in all aspects of the Proposition 39 process. We can help in completing the internal expenditure plan to secure Proposition 39 funds annually. Bright Footprint will provide a complete service including planning, design, engineering and installation. The energy efficiency projects will include LED Lighting, HVAC, software management and a renewable energy. Each site of a school district will be left net zero. Our company can provide bridge funding that can maximize Proposition 39 funds. Bright Footprint will then complete the rebate process with the local utility to ensure the maximum incentive.

We are not influenced by any single manufacturer so we identify the best energy efficient solutions for each project, and find the correct manufacturer and partner.

The benefits Bright Footprint can provide in Prop 39 process:

  • Turnkey company that can provide consultancy in the entire process of prop 39.
  • We can complete benchmarking to provide an expenditure plan to secure prop 39 funds.
  • Bright Footprint can complete all energy efficient retrofits including LED, HVAC software management, and renewable energy solution to leave each school site net-zero.
  • Bright Footprint can secure the largest rebates possible for prop 39 funding.
  • Bright Footprint acknowledges that prop 39 funding often will not cover all funding needed to complete the expenditure plan and will provide bridge financing solutions.