Lighting Services provide these benefits below.

Bright Footprint specializes in helping commercial owners to achieve greater energy efficiency of their lighting solutions. LED retrofits produce a variety of benefits – these benefits may vary from project to project.

  • Lowering energy expenses by 60% to 90% which will improve operating margins.
  • Increase the valuation of the commercial property.
  • Upgraded lighting projects often qualify for utility company rebates and/or state and federal tax credits, lowering project costs and improving return on investment.
  • Remove maintenance costs.
  • Properly engineered lighting designs and relevant lighting technologies for the specific task improve the aesthetic qualities of the facility, boosting productivity and lowering safety risks.
  • Lighting upgrades reduce energy consumption and show a company’s commitment to sound environmental policies that can be communicated to the public.

Potential Annual Energy Savings (GWh) From Existing Commercial Buildings