About Us

Bright Footprint LLC is a turnkey energy efficiency company. Bright Footprint specializes in public and private sector commercial structures retrofits. Bright Footprint will manage the entire process of planning a complete energy retrofit, completed with a renewable energy source to leave each site net zero. Bright Footprint will design, supply and install LED, HVAC, software management and renewable energy solutions.

With Bright Footprint expertise we have become consultants for prop 39 process. We can aid school districts in every step of the prop 39 process. Bright Footprint will then complete the rebate process and bridge financing.

Bright Footprint also has a focus on the private sector/LED lighting retrofits providing the 6 benefits below.

  1. leverage utilizing tax credits,and rebate incentives.
  2. Generate positive cash flow
  3. New Design will create improved visual
  4. Reduce operating costs and environment impact
  5. Turnkey that gives the end user one solution one contract
  6. Financing

Our Clients

Current and former clients include: College of the Desert, Riverside County, Rite Aid Distribution Centers, Bally’s Health Clubs, City of Oakland, Home Depot US and Lowes.