• Save Energy twice by generating less heat with LEDs and by reducing AC cost for cooling it down.

  • Reduce your utility bill drastically by retrofitting your buildings wit LED lighting.

  • LEDs have come a long way from the small signal lights used in last centuries electronics to many more uses such as automotive headlights, general lighting or traffic signals.

Our Mission

Bright Footprint is a turnkey energy efficiency hybrid company. Bright Footprint specializes in public prop 39 and private sector commercial energy efficient retrofits. Bright Footprint offers a range of solutions including LED lighting, HVAC and energy efficiency software. We have a presence in California, Hawaii, Wisconsin, and Florida.

1We will conduct a full audit, starting with a benchmark and concluding with a energy savings projection. The savings will be guaranteed by Lloyds of London. The audit is at no cost to the client and will be concluded in a timely manner

Design & Engineering

2We design and engineer each individual project chosing the best product solution for each project.We are product neutral which adds us in selecting the best solution for each properties needs.


3We will carry out the project management for the full installation of all energy efficient retrofits. Bright Footprint has the ability to fully bond any installation. Bright footprint will correctly dispose of sensitive old solutions. We also offer ongoing maintenance, if necessary.